Elastic Wrist Wraps, Black

I lager.
249 kr


Wrist wraps are essential equipment for all gym enthusiasts. 

Our Better Bodies Elastic Wrist Wraps are made out of a premium 2-line elastic that offers strong support without limiting your natural wrist mobility. 

They have been equipped with easy to use thumb loops and a strong Velcro fastening for a secure fit.

Offers support without limiting wrist mobility. Perfect for Olympic lifting and cross training
 Adjustable Velcro fastening – easy adjustments and a secure fit!
 Thumb loops
 Insider tip: Use the thumb loops to fasten the wraps and remove them during use.
 Better Bodies print

Sold in pairs
 Hand wash, rinse immediately and air dry

Material: 80% cotton and 20% elastane
 Developed for: All workouts, most beneficial for pressing exercises
 Length: 33 cm