Xtremis Cartel - EL JEFE Preworkout

599 kr

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Jefe Performance & Pumps Matrix

The combination of ingredients in the Jefe Performance and Pumps Matrix will provide you with some of the best pumps you have felt in the gym. Providing 8g of Citrulline, 3g of Betaine Anhydrous, 300mg of Norvaline, 500mg of Pink Himalayan Salt, and 200mg of AmentoPump™; El Jefe increases N.O. production, and get your muscles primed to explode and sustain muscle output.*

Jefe Stim & Focus Matrix

This is where the Jefe really shines! The combo of various stims and nootropics will provide you with that unique Jefe experience. This matrix provides you that focus, energy, confidence, and mood elevation you need to crush the workout game.