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If you're looking for a powerful and effective way to maximise your workouts, then H8 is the product for you. This potent pre-workout is designed to give you an explosive boost of energy and serious focus to help you push through even the toughest of workouts.

  • Beta Alanine: H8 pre-workout is enriched with beta-alanine, a performance-enhancing amino acid known to delay muscle fatigue and improve endurance during workouts.

  • Performance Boost: H8 pre-workout is specifically designed to boost your performance, making it a go-to choice among pre-workout products.

  • Powerful and Effective Blend: Among the array of pre-workout products available, H8 stands out for its powerful and effective blend of ingredients.

  • Sports Nutrition: Crafted with athletes in mind, H8 pre-workout aligns with the standards of sports nutrition, ensuring optimal performance.

  • H8 vs Cups of Coffee: Each serving of H8 pre-workout contains a substantial 400mg of caffeine, equivalent to 4-5 cups of coffee, providing you with the energy you need to crush your workouts.

  • Common Ingredients: H8 pre-workout includes common ingredients known for their efficacy in the pre-workout category, ensuring you receive a comprehensive and well-rounded performance-enhancing supplement.

  • Halostachine: Found in the plant Halostachtys Capsica, Halostachine can improve energy levels, improve focus and deliver fat burning effects.

  • Energy Boost: H8 pre-workout is designed to significantly boost your energy levels.

  • Infinergy® (DiCaffeine Malate), a trademarked ingredient that provides sustained energy without the jitters.

  • Trademarked Ingredients: H8 pre-workout features a unique blend of trademarked ingredients, including AstraGin®, BioPerine®, and NeuroPEA®. These premium ingredients are chosen for their effectiveness in enhancing absorption and bioavailability.

  • AstraGin®: Our formula includes AstraGin®, a patented ingredient known for its ability to improve nutrient absorption. This ensures that your body can make the most out of every ingredient in H8 pre-workout.

  • BioPerine®: H8 utilizes BioPerine®, a patented black pepper extract, to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients. This means you'll get more out of each ingredient, maximizing the benefits of your pre-workout supplement.

  • NeuroPEA®: NeuroPEA® is a trademarked ingredient designed to support cognitive function and mental focus, helping you stay in the zone and maintain concentration throughout your workout.

  • Effective Ingredients: Our preworkout product includes these trademarked ingredients to ensure that you receive the most effective and well-rounded performance-enhancing supplement available.

*Please follow label correctly, this product is not for the stimulant/caffeine sensitive.

25 servings/375g net weight

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