NUTREX - Lipo-6 Defining Gel 118ml

449 kr
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  • Fast Acting Maximum Strength Defining Gel

  • Instant Delivery To Stubborn Fat Areas Through Topisorb Technology

  • Works on any fat area of your choice

  • Clinically and Scientifically Proven Ingredients

  • Targeted Effects Through Multiple Pathways

Nutrex has developed the perfect weapon that allows you to directly  attack stubborn fat areas of your choosing. LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL delivers  clinically proven ingredients to fat areas by using highly specialized  TopiSorb™ Technology.

Simply apply LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL to any fat area and its formula will  be rapidly absorbed to work on fat deposits, resulting in increased  thermogenesis in both subcutaneous and visceral fat, alike.†

TopiSorb™ Technology, which allows for targeted, localized delivery  straight into fat deposits can only be found in LIPO-6 DEFINING GEL.†